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Does It Take Long for Payments to Clear? eCheck Processing

Payment processing is an essential part of the modern retail world, especially when it comes to running an eCommerce website. Do you want to learn more about how payment transactions are processed? If yes, just keep on reading below since this article is about how payments are cleared and how eChecks processing can help you.

How Payments Are Cleared: eCheck Payments

Before moving forward to seeing how long payments take to clear, let’s find out what key players are involved in the processes of authorization and settlement. So, these are the cardholder, the merchant, the acquiring/merchant’s bank, the issuing/cardholder’s bank, as well as the card associations, meaning Visa and MasterCard.

When a credit/debit card payment is submitted, it may require 2-3 business days to clear your bank or credit account. Card transactions get authorized just right off the bat, so the money will just immediately be pending for your transaction.… Read More

When Is Getting A Cash-Out Refinance A Good Option?


What does refinancing your mortgage mean? To put it in simpler terms, you will be getting a new mortgage that will replace your existing one. In case you have enough equity in your house, you can try to do a cash-out refinance.

But What is a Cash-out Refinance?

A cash-out refinance defined as the time when you will be refinancing your mortgage for more than that of what you owe and then take their difference in cash. For short, it is sometimes called as a cash-out refi.

Usually, you will need a minimum of 20 percent equity within your property to be considered eligible.

How Does it Work?

This is how a Texas cash out loan works. Take, for example, you bought a house just a few years ago, and you’ve faithfully making mortgage payments. While you were paying, the value of your home has slowly increased. By now, … Read More